Restful Night Crystal Bowl

Restful Night Crystal Bowl


Are you looking for a natural way to fall asleep? This amazing "Restful Night Crystal Bowl" will definitely help you sleep better! During my journeys through South Africa, I found these amazing crystals and experienced firsthand how they improved my night rest substantially. I wanted to share these wonderful findings and therefore came up with the idea to create this Magical Bowl of Crystals that will not only decorate your bedroom interior but will also be useful for all kinds of sleeping problems. Placing these crystals around or under your bed will create the energies needed to achieve the maximum effect of the crystals on your sleep. The head of the bed which includes the pillows, headboard and nearest side cabinet are the most stimulating places to put these crystals. These wooden Restful Night Crystal Bowls have been radiated under the amazing Blue Moon and charged by the African Sun. Crystals Increase your dreams, help you remember your dreams and chase away the bad ones. When you sleep with the crystals under your pillow, your mind will be helped to work through different issues while you are take your rest. The crystals surround your body with protective energy while you are sleeping, cleansing and rejuvenating your aura. When you wake up u will feel rested and refreshed. 

Ps. Since every crystal is different you will always have your own personal combination of healing stones. Every wooden bowl comes with 7 stones, my lucky number! Namaste


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