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à Paris

Our first collection “a Paris”, takes inspiration from endless nights wandering through the street of Paris, daydreaming while strolling through the city of love, romantic nights on a balcony while watching the stars & bedtime stories about the moon. Our handmade sleeping mask, lavender “Eau de Nuit” and other bedroom essentials are the perfect ingredients for a calm, stylish good night sleep. Like a true Parisian.


Nighty Night, Xx


Silk Satin Sleeping Mask

Our handmade Silk Satin Sleeping Mask is designed to be worn on both sides. We choose to work with the highest quality silk satin, in order for the mask to feel like a second skin. You're going to love it, you sleepyhead.


Lavender Body & Bedroom Mist

Lavender, the calm scent of sleep. Create new bedtime rituals by spraying "Eau de Nuit" Lavender Body & Bedroom Mist around your room or on yourself. Lavender is proven to enhance the quality of sleep. Our "Eau de Nuit" makes sure that you'll wake up refreshed, well-rested and smelling like a Parisian babe. Voila! 


PS. More items coming soon!