She was right there..

Good morning Lovers, Today we share our first "Le Journal" poem. Have a cup of coffee, sit down and enjoy this beautiful love story 💛

The first time I saw her She was right there, she was right there.
It wasn't a particularly memorable day as one might expect, given the memorable moment that marks the first time I saw her that day. She was right there.

Lost in my own world where seeing is believing yet my eyes were never looking and my soul was devoid of light, how can one see in this darkness? She was right there. She smiled at me and told me her name, a name that went with her sweet scent and delicate eyes, eyes that were neither grey as the northern seas nor blue as the summer sky at noon.

I hadn't had much sleep the night before, or the night before that or any other night for that matter. Live fast and die young I guess, but she was right there. 
I saw her many times after that, we laughed and cried and dreamt together. Beautiful dreams carved in hearts of gold. When believing is not the strongest force but love is, love that goes deeper than the grey seas of the north or higher than the blue skies on summer afternoons.
And when we kissed the sweet scent of lavender, mint, jasmine and the smell of freshly cut grass in the early morning, when the dew washes away all the cigarettes from the night before. She was right there.

She is not here anymore, but I never lost her. She has made my heart shine brighter than ever before.

I slept last night, and the night before that and the night before that. I dreamt of lavender, mint, jasmine and freshly cut grass. And As I go to sleep tonight, as I close my eyes and remember her scent, I will not be alone. Because she will be right there , she will be right there..

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