C'est la Nuit, Bedtime Routine

Investing in your day and planning out your daily schedule seems so normal, but planning out your night of sleep we NEVER think about nor do. In order to get a goodnight sleep you should really think about a calm and peaceful way to close off your day and prepare your body and mind for the night so here's what you can do:

-We highly recommend to put your work aside and take a bath or shower just to wash of all the stress and feel fresh and clean

-Put on something comfortable and make yourself a nice cup of tea

-Light some candles or dim the lights and maybe play some calm music 

-Spray our "Eau de Nuit" on yourself, around your bedroom or you can spray a little bit on your pillow

-Read your favorite book or try to meditate. Maybe you like to write about your dreams and goals that's also fine of course  

-Turn off the candles, switch off the music, put everything aside and put on your Silk Satin Sleeping Mask

"Ga terug naar binnen, voel je warme hart. Rust van binnen, laat deze dag. Ga terug naar binnen en verdiep je in de nacht. Sluit af van buiten en droom zacht, C'est la Nuit."