C'est la Nuit 🌙 The Diary Issue

Weekends in Paris are purely meant for wandering the narrow streets, strolling alongside the Siene and strutting  through parks until your so tired you find yourself the first terrace to sit down and have a glass of wine…..and wifi of course. But while walking freely around it is so nice to be disconnected for just a few hours. We took in those special moments leaning our heads back on the chairs at the Louvre as bursts of sunlight broke through the clouds. When we finally made it back to our hotel a quick cat nap before changing into our party dresses for wild night on the town. When we are having our downtime I have become obsessed with the stylish bedroom essentials from C’est la Nuit!! This collection is definitely a prerequisite for anyone who wants to sleep a little better and dream a little more!